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The horror and frustration of not being able to voice one's opinion! This is sad,but God takes care of everything.

I enjoyed the detailing. This story is quite captivating! In regards to Daisy learning from her boy, I think the word 'from' would have flowed better in that sentence than 'because'.

I love how you were able to bring out Daisy's frustration and ultimately her faith in God.
Clever and original idea.

I'm thinking that this may be off-topic; there's really not a face-to-face communication here--it's face-to-monitor, and it's really only one way.

Nevertheless, your desire to be out of the box is appreciated, and this entry was great fun to read.
This is definitely an out of the box idea. I liked your creativeness. I must admit I'm often guilty about skipping over Titles so it did take me a bit to figure out who Daisy was. But it was nice to read a fresh story and I liked the ending.
I do see the underlying point of the great need for more face to face conversation, and I enjoyed the good writing.