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The world is full of hurting people. Your message is right on!
Your writing helps to reassure me that there are others like myself who feel as if we are "out of the loop." Thanks so much for sharing this.

You have picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and become a stronger person - sincere congratulations.
Oh my heart is breaking for that broken soul at the campfire. I'm dumdfounded that not one person reached out to you especially at a retreat. I want to travel back in time and wrap my arms around but then Jesus already did that. I'm so grateful He did and you recognized Him. Thank you for sharing such a painful story. You'll never know how many lives you might save with this story. Bless you and keep up with telling your story the world needs to hear it!
A heart-breaking story, with an ending of hope.

There were parts with too much 'telling, not showing', particularly in the last half, and this may have skirted the topic a bit.

Thank you for being so transparent with your readers.
I think there are a lot of us that have probably experienced that type of response when we've shared personal pain in a group. I guess a non response is because sometimes people don't know what to do, which makes us feel more pain because then all of a sudden you feel too needy on top of hurting... anyway, been there, done that, got the t-shirt as they say. It does take a long time to learn to trust or want to be open. Glad to see you made your way through it and are handling it now. Guess we just need to remember that sometimes the people surrounding us could be in just as much pain and maybe not always able to reach back. Glad you could see your way through it victoriously. thanks for shring your experience and sorry this is so long.
A good reminder of how we need reassurance from others as we speak from our hearts. Also, though it may be lacking in our lives, as you said, it can be the means of our being available and approachable to people in our paths.
Possibly the most uncomfortable situations to be in - facing yourself and facing God. It is sad how people ignore or put down what they do not understand.