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Wow this is intense but so beautiful. You did a great job answering some tough questions. I can easily seeing you having this chat with God. I did notice a typo possible instead of possibly but that's no biggie and your message is beautiful!
Very precious and reassuring words.

I wonder if this migiht be consdiered not quite on topic, as our conversations with God this side of heaven are not literally face-to-face.

This is a touching entry.
Great thoughts!
Too often we don't think of things from God's POV. When we learn to trust in His soveriegnity, we rest in His wisdom for our lives.
Thanks for writing this
I liked the give-and-take between your mc and God. Great questions, powerful answers. After reading this, I came away encouraged and lifted up in my spirit.
As I read this, I thought of many people who have asked me these questions. Good job! God bless you.