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This is a sweet but tinged with sadness love story. You did a beautiful job setting the scene. I did long to know more aboutthe characters, what was going on in their minds. But you definitely did a great job of showing that they love each other.
Interesting approach to "conversation." Descriptive
words that really draws one into the story. The absence dialogue illustrates an oft repeated adage -Actions speak louder than words.

Oops. "The absence of dialogue"
This story grabbed my heart and squeezed. It reminds me of the daily gamut of emotions experienced by my mother as she cares for her husband of 60 years in the last stages of Parkinson's. Sometimes words are not needed to express deep love.
Tender and bittersweet.

The title threw me off a bit; the word 'screams' doesn't seem to fit with the piece.

Nice writing--I'd expect this in a higher level.
Gives new meaning to "come and grow old with me." I envisioned an elderly married couple nearing the end. I wondered if she took him to the place where he proposed marriage to her. Yes, she may have remained silent, but her actions spoke loud and clear. Keep writing.
I have to admit my mind raced to fill in the gaps in the beginning. I didn't see an older couple coming out from behind a dune, and with all the tenderness I thought- wow, what kind of an entry is this- and it abruptly shifted- was he drowning? did she just save his life? but by the end I realized it was just a tender moment between two elderly folks.

Let me say- beautiful writing. Not beginner at all. Very descriptive, but not too flowery. Nice spin on the topic.

There were a couple spots where I saw a word or two that could have been left out (and that's such a nothing- really it is)- overall, this was very well done.
This tender love story tugged at my heart as it unfolded. Your words made pictures for the reader and that's good writing. I too think this is certainly higher level writing.
I really liked this. It is well written and held my interest, and I was touched by the message - love speaking without words.
This was a well-written story full of sweet love strongly communicated without uttering a word. This was indeed advanced writing from the Beginner's group. Well done.
You captured their love perfectly without them saying a word. I knew instantly, I was reading about a caregiver. As a caregiver for my dad, I understand the routine, the items needed and the saying of "I love you" without saying anything. Well done.
Congratulations on a great placing!!!
Congratulations on your HC in your division! Again, I loved your entry.