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You used such vivid examples of the MC's inner self, it was quite easy to picture her turmoil.
Yes. I definitely could tell this girl's pain was real. A daily struggle for her. I like that you added the struggle between the physical pain and the spiritual pain because when you have physical ailments, the two almost battle, between doing 'what you should do' and doing what your body will allow you to do. Good piece!
I loved this line: "After a vicious struggle, the heroine within overcame the wimp without."
I have a chronic illness and the message in this story has been something I've had ups and downs with. The struggle between the inner person that is strong, courageous, hard working, hard playing, jovial and full of life, wanting to escape this body with the outer dabilitating body shutting you down as quickly as the healthy mind starts it's day. The flesh saying, "no you can't, I won't obey, I am too weak, the pain is too intense, is something that is an intensly, confusing and a daily, minute by minute at times battle. Only Jesus can soothe the pain within, even when taking
OOPS! Hit the wrong button.Lol I meant to finish with, taking pills was something that was so hard for me to accept as a daily task. I kept begging My Savior to heal me and help me to overcome my illness so I could be a mother, wife, freind and functioning person. He finally hit me with, "I've been trying, but you won't take your medicine." God has given great men of faith the gift of making medicines that do help. We can't let our stubborn will miss some of the things that can help.