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This is a beautiful story and I commend you on being brave enough to follow the Lord's nudging by going to the meeting and then once again when you wrote this story.
What a neat experience! I can so identify with the fear you wrote of. I would not be comfortable at all doing that kind of thing, either. But sometimes when God takes us out of our comfort zones we find the greatest blessings.

You wrote this very well!
It's always scary ministering in a new way. It is easy to forget why we are ministering and think of ourselves and our own discomfort. I liked the development of your character. Well Done!
Oh, I love this! I could feel her hesitancy and her feelings of inadequacy.

Personally, I think the second to last paragraph packed more of a "punch" than the final paragraph, and I think you could have easily ended it there. The point was well made already.

Great job with this one, and a great reminder that God can use us, despite how we feel.
I bet many can identify with some aspect of this piece. It was engaging and I love reading about people finding freedom. Very encouraging and relevant.
oops LOL was trying to comment on someone else's article
Beautiful story. So hard to let go of our fears and let God work through us!

Noticed your MC has same name as you do! Be careful-these challenges are supposed to be anonymous till judging can be completed.
Your story is poignant and I admire your authentic voice. By giving transparency to your character's thoughts and feelings about her new role as prayer warrior, you have made her real to the reader. These are feelings we all have when God uses us in a new way. Thank you for the excellent way you portrayed how God works us through our doubts in ourselves.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! The ending may have been a little abrupt (my opinion) but your writing flowed well. I was moved to tears. Very nice!
This experience was wonderfully portrayed. I felt like you found your voice a couple paragraphs in - this whole entry is solid, but I feel it could be even stronger if the beginning was revisited.

Well done.
This is a touching portrayal. You did a great job developing your main character. Keep writing!
I enjoyed sharing the MC's thought processes. What a feeling to know that the Lord has used you!
A compelling story told with great emotional impact. The way you were to bring out the real emotions of the MC speaks volumes of not only your heart but your talent as a writer, too. You connect to your readers very, very well.
Okay, I believe I've found you. I really related to your MC. As a younger Christian I too was very uncomfortable in ministry situations. But also like you, I learned to allow the Holy Spirit to do the work and all went well. I think this piece is very well written. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Good job.
A very moving and well-written story of finding your way through new and scary ministry situations. I've always been grateful for those aware leaders who direct newbies into ministries with a sure hand and the leading of the Lord. Great descriptions here!
Warm and touching story. A few grammar and form issues.
I would also encourage more action verbs rather than passive verbs. This helps to
show rather than tell.
God really rewards us when we
share His love with others.

Good storytelling and showing of emotion!