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Thank you. I really like this piece. I love the colors in it. I wonder if you could expand the first part as a full story about the bird, only a real bird. That might be really neat!
The title drew me to your piece. So poetic and beautiful. A soft way to challenge each one who reads it. Great job!
Your title sounds like it ought to have a song to go with it - very pretty!

I enjoyed this and could picture the tiny little rainbows dancing in your kitchen as the sun caught your hanging prism.

Nice work!
Again...Emily's idea is great and I had the same thought. A fantasy with this little white bird. :)
The MC's friend was truly inspirational during her time of great definitely a good message of never giving up. Really like how you used the delightful descriptions of colors throughout.
This is beautiful. You really touched my heart. I understand being afraid to hope, to live. Great job.
I love that this bird, and the message that accompanied it, was an inspiration to your MC. We all need something to inspire us.