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C.S. Lewis I have read some of his writing. In the late 1920's, Lewis began his conversion from an atheist to a Christian. His story is well documented in his autobiography, Surprised by Joy. It was on a rainy night in 1931 that Lewis walked in the rain outside of Magdalen College with his friends, J.R.R. Tolkien and Hugo Dyson. During a discussion that lasted several hours, Lewis' friends convinced him that while there were many links in various forms of the world's great mythologies, Christianity was "the true myth." From that night forward, Lewis believed in Christianity. He developed an appreciation for the Christian faith that became the core of his life and his work. His most famous Christian work is Mere Christianity, a collection of essays written during World War II that convey a distinctly non-denominational view of Christianity.

He was a great supporter of the Roman Catholic church.

Although he never converted to the Roman Catholic Church.
A life long bachelor, Lewis began a love affair with an American woman named Joy Davidman Gresham in the 1950's. Their love story is well chronicled in Douglas Gresham's book Lenten Lands as well as the Richard Attenborough film Shadowlands. The film featured Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis and Debra Winger as Joy Davidman Gresham.

informative..Thank you for sharing
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You gave a lot of detail and had good development to your story.
I LOVE the imagery you created when Davey went after his Goliath!

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I could feel the dirt in my mouth...good word description. God bless you.