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You did a great job I expected an animal but not a stuffed one.
Isn't it wonderful how children find comfort in their stuffed animals? I can relate to it! You did a nice job telling it, and I could picture it in my mind. Mr. Huggims, great name!
What a great idea for an article. I still have a bunch of my own stuffed animals that I can't bear to part with. Good job!
I'm sure even now with technology and all that, children can still find that extra special love that can only come from a stuffed bunny. I just noticed as I was rereading this delightful piece, that in the end, you left the k off of thank.
okay, I SO knew it was a stuffed critter and that it was a grown-up. maybe because I can relate :) I loved this take on the topic. And what a nice 'ode to our stuffed ones'. There are some minor things (word choice in some spots, spelling at the end) but all very minor and easily-tweaked. You're doing very well. Keep writing, you'll be moving up soon.
Really good story--engaging and well written
awwww... this is sweet. I wonder if Mr. Huggims knows my friend Monkey Monk :o).
This is so sweet and on topic. Check your sentences for words that can be cut. Really well done!
Touching and so relatable Barb. Think most of us had that special stuffed animal. Amazing how comforting they actually are. This was cute and definitely, a "warm fuzzie" story. Also like the name "Huggims." :)
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level.:)