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This is an interesting and fresh take on the topic. The characters were believable. And God certainly does work in mysterious ways. I longed to know more about Mark and what was really troubling his soul.
I knew Mark had somehow hurt his family, but I felt there was even more going on. The cool thing is God always knows what the more is.
I always enjoy stories about when and how another receives God's gracious gift of salvation and this is a great one! I was so excited right along with those brothers in Christ and shared what they must have felt when God used them for Mark. Your writing also made it easy to identify with how Mark was feeling. You did a great job with this.
Good job. Left me wanting more. Write another chapter... I'll read it :o).
This was a good story, however I agree with wanting to know more about what Mark had done and was going through. The end brought glistening to my eyes knowing God had brought these men there just for him! Good Job!
This was a different take on the topic.

I wonder if MC tried to jump or something like that would have added a little "salsa" to the tale?

Is this based on a true event?
I think this is a lovely tale but your opening line threw me. I had no idea what a fourteener was - now I know it's a mountain over 14,000 ft - so I had a number of different ideas running through my mind as I tried to make sense of what was going on. Having looked it up on Wikipedia, I enjoyed the second read much more. I guess it's a reminder that not all of your readers will be American. But this said, it's a strongly written story of redemption
Lots of things to keep the reader engaged. I didn't know, and still don't know, what a forteener is. Would a man be given the freedom to drive so far away if he is due to be sentenced in the morning?
Congratulations for placing in the top 12 of your level.:)