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I was a little confused if the MC was remembering back to a time where she tried to kill herself or if there was a quiet foster child in the house. But the message that God loves us came through loud and clear.
Beautiful account of where the MC is in her life now and where she came from. It is encouraging and full of the "real" and glorious hope, we all have in Jesus. This is a great ministering tool for others who are unable to see past their trials and obstacles of feeling unloved.

Be sure to take the time to proofread several times, to catch grammar and spelling errors. I still miss them myself and get quite frustrated that I missed them, but have to say that I am slowly getting better with my new "personal" rule. I slow down and "Breathe" :)...and reread at least three times, once I'm done.
Thank you for this beautiful story. We are ALL loved and wanted by our Lord. <3
Great story. With practice you can better transition between present and past and back again. However, the talent is there, so don't give up. I've learned to leave what I've written for a day and then proofread before submitting. Keep writing!
Taz, the story you tell here is powerful and really good, but...

It was a little hard to read. It took a few lines to realize you had transitioned to a flashback, and, well, you need to pay a little more attention to the grammar.

I always read my stories out loud at least once. You'd be amazed at how much you catch this way.

You have a great talent for telling stories.