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You're absolutely right, just the mention of that day brings back the images that are imprinted on my brain forever. It was nice to see it from a slightly different POV. Next time make sure you have someone proofread for you and double-space between the paragraphs to make it easier to read. All in all you did a wonderful job with the descriptions and emotions.
As I read your account of your well described emotions, it brought back my own personal, moment by moment playback of this horrific event which was similar to yours. It did my heart good to see it through the eyes of another, from a different country, showing so much love and compassion for not only the victims, but America as well. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and sharing what you experienced on this historic day.
God bless you for sharing what someone from another nation experienced that day. So many times we Americans only hear how much other countries hate us. In the end, we are all children of God. Thank you for caring.
Dittos to all the above comments. You brought the experience of that day back so vividly to my mind that you moved me to tears. That was the week of my niece's wedding. If you're on facebook, look me up and I'll direct you to Becka's recent reflection on her experiences nine years ago. Thank you so much for your caring heart. You write well, dear gal!