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You have described "life" beautifully. This was a very well done piece.
That was very well done, it brought you in and one could relate to some piece of it, and that is the job of the writer. Very well done, thanks.
Wow...this was filled with such emotion, would have also been good for next weeks challenge! You touched so many heart strings in me and am sure with all who read this. I also enjoyed and chuckled at killing your son, AFTER you could catch your breath. :)

Tidbit: You had some very simple grammar boofs that are easily corrected with proofreading, proofreading and more proofreading...can't tell you how many times, I still miss a few! :)
What a great article on "Breathe" It is one that we can all relate too. Great job.
Good writing. I have had to breathe through a lot. You said it with great skill. Thanks.
This one has been a very emotional but inspirational piece. Thanks for sharing it.
This is such a beautiful story, I almost dread pointing out some of the errors, but I believe you will get through it and Just breath. There were some proofreading misses that I noticed when you walked down the aisle you said I were and it should be I was. When weighing the baby,you spelled it with a T. Just make sure you leave the paper for several hours, before you proof it, if you have someone who can read it aloud for you that would help too. All in all your message was perfect. Life does hand us many tough times sometimes the only thing we can manage to do is to Just Breathe.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry about correcting the were in the aisle, in that example I was incorrect and you were right. I missed the if which made it a subjunctive mood and were is the correct phrasing. I'm so sorry. Your story is still great!