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Great article! I really believe that Mommies do have two pairs of eyes. good analogy-"It is like I can see a puzzle coming together in front of me." Also I agree our generation needs to walk in and model discernment. Thanks for the insight.

You made some excellent points. Every parent needs to remember what it was like to be a kid. Having frequent and open talks with our children about everything from silly topics to serious challenges, helps our kids to learn they can trust us.

I have a suggestion for you. You did an excellent job of showing examples when you used your parent's intuition. However you used the word discern at least 13 times. I found myself becoming distracted. If you read the stories in Master's, you'll see that many of them never even mention the name of the topic.

You did such an outstanding job of telling your story. Have confidence in your writing that you are on topic. Keep on writing, you're doing an excellent job.
What a superb article. I think it is so important to know ones children well enough that they can almost discern their thoughts and not be 2 steps behind them. You have a great idea for churches to grab on to!
Your writing is very clear and precise. The way you presented it could have been clinical or preachy but your talent for engaging the reader in an entertaining way shined through.
I agree with Shann, you did use discern to often, but I love the story. Keep writing.