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Touching article. I wish I could have been as smart as this woman.
What a fantastic story illustrating the patient, unconditional love we are to lavish on the wounded and hurting.
This story really brought out a lot of emotions in me. I'm assuming Daniel is a foster or an adopted child. I wanted to know more of his story. You did a great job of enticing me with your characters so I would want to know as much as possible about their lives.
With writing like this you are not going to be in beginners for long! To see and feel inside the head of this young boy... you drew me into the emotions and drama with an intensity that kept me right until the end. I would love to skip ahead a few years and peek into the life of this young man... to see the power of a loving touch that held up strong and secure through out his days... I hope this is what happens to him...
I agree with Maria that you won't be a beginner long. I loved the way you made us see and feel everything through your MC. Excellent writing!
Oh what a touching story! My heart went out to the little boy. What a shame that so many never get that loving touch.