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Sorry, somehow the first part of this story did not print. Author
Oh, heart dropped when I saw that the first part of your story didn't make it onto the post....HOWEVER, from the rest of the story, I completely "got" your story and loved it!

What a great message to so many of us who at one time declared our allegiance never to be a Holy Roller!...I was one of 'em. :)

I was very moved and touched by your experience and thank God your friend had the guts to get you there regardless of your defiance. It made me chuckle and your ending was great. Don't be discouraged with only part of the story showing is honestly very good!

Tidbit: If you haven't already, check out the "free" writing classes in the forums by Jan and Ann...a wealth of information that I am still trying to implement. :) You have an obvious talent for writing and these classes WILL make all of us even better writers.
This is a great story about how God (and sometimes mothers)can work wonders in our life.

I was a bit confused in the beginning; you went from past tense to present and back to past again. I wasn't quite sure where sally was taking her and if Sally was her friend or mother.

But once I got past my haze, you really drew me into the story. I loved how you showed that God is always waiting for us. I smiled at the part where she got up to leave, but instead was brought to her knees.
I never read the comments until I post my own. It happens to the best of us. That preview button has saved my story many times. On average I think I hit preview about 10 times before I hit submit. I understand you wanted to let people know that part of your story is missing, but make sure you don't make a comment until after the results are in. But I can empathize, I made mistakes this week that I was sure I had fixed. Keep writing!