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Oh what a heart wrenching but excellently told story. You had me captured from the beginning to end! Would LOVE to hear more about this little boy with hopefully and prayerfully, a happy ending for such a treasured little one.
Children are treasures from God - we need to reach them while they are young and tender, with the love of and for Jesus. Good job.
You did a good job telling the story. I was drawn into it. You have writing skill.
It might be weak on topic?
Keep writing.

Good job on this story. It was very heartfelt. You did a good job at capturing this audience.
Very touching story.
Well written, touching story.
That child would never forget the kindness shown to him that day from people who love Jesus. God Bless you,Ruth Brown
You had me captured too. I am not a very good reader. Yet, I love to write. For you to capture me in a story like this. I believe you have a special gift.

It is important to show kindess and love to those around us. Just as this little boy was captured in a moment after a bad incident, we too can capture others for Christ.

After all, all people need to do is to "trust Jesus"
This is so touching I have tears in my eyes from it. My favorite line was my heart heard Joey's pain. This speaks volumes. I almost wish that was the title, as it is such a perfect line. I do believe you'll soon move up to the next level.
Good descriptions, realistic dialogue, and heartfelt emotion make this a wonderful story. I did have a hard time seeing how it fits the topic HEAR, but maybe I missed something. Enjoy this piece.
I love your title. What a sweet boy with so many hidden secrets.
What a sweet story of hope for this little boy. You did a great job of expressing his fear and pain.