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Yes, agree that having all of our senses is a great blessing. I don't even want to imagine what life would be like without sight or the ability to hear. Amen for those people who work hard to accommodate those with all kinds of disabilities. Dancing is such a great outlet for emotions and I for one never thought about making it a reality for the deaf.

Praying for these young gentlemen to now be filled with the saving grace of repentance to follow Jesus and His ways. As for never being able to hear profanities of an angry person...glad they won't :)
Yes hearing is a blessing.I too pray the young men can find Jesus. I feel like we must show compassion and love to these. We don't have to like the lifestyle.May God Bless you, perhaps with your compassion you will win them. God Bless you. Ruth B
Yes we do take it for granted the things that God has freely given us.

I do think you have the ability to write. I am a beginner myself. I willingly accept criticism. I find it hard to critique as I am an encourager.

Just one thing put a space between paragraphs will help the reader to read with more flow.

This could be only my opinion. Maybe a more experienced writer could help out here.

Great keep writing.
This is a nice piece that should be a reminder to everyone. You put your heart in it and I can feel that by the words you have written. You don't need the bold face words or the exclamation points because your words show what your heart feels.
You have received some good advice as to how to better present your heartfelt message. All uppercase letters are considered shouting and should be avoided, and an extra line between paragraphs is critical. Unnecessary details can also be distracting. You did do a great job of staying on topic. Keep writing!
I'll be praying for these two young men...Jesus loves them so very much. Ah, that my heart would be as compassionate as this deaf young man.