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Excellent message and I whole heartedly agree. Even adults crave and need that comfort landing of love, concern and a helping hand from loved ones when life becomes challenging.
The title and the message drew me in. A parent's job is never done. God bless you in your walk with Him.
What great truth's you shared!
I am blessed to have my mother still living and enjoyed that soft place just yesterday! I hope you pursue more pieces like this. I could see it in many Christian publications! Blessings,Ruth
In John 10 it says that noone shall pluck us out of his hand. This may have to do with Salvation. But I like to have the idea that he does have us in a nice cosey, safe, strong hold.
So true! A good reminder that we all need a safe place where we can find rest and encouragement.
A wonderful analogy to be applied to our life today. I bristle when I hear grandparents say they are happy to spoil the grandkids and give them back when they are full of wisdom and can provide "soft places to fall." More people need to read this.
The title drew me because I always remind my children 26,20 and 16 that if they ever need it I'm here to give them a safe place to fall. And it is bittersweet when they do come to me and let me hold them because I can comfort them and help them feel safe, but it saddens me that they fell. Nice job of relating to parents.
Well presented devotional...
Sage advice. Great devotional thoughts.