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Oh gosh, I know how you feel. I'm not a Mum, yet but that will happen in the next few years. However, I was governess to 11 children under 11 earlier this year and I basically didn't even try to write until I went home for a few days.
I hope you found all sorts of inspirations from your kids, I know I did when I was governessing.
Yes--this is a perfect description of most writer's lives! Time to edit, time to write, time to contact publishers/agents, etc. etc. etc...never time for it all! I felt the pain of this busy writer's life. Great story.
Very well written! The mom's story flows well from morning til night, and it kept my attention throughout. I like the ending - gives me motivation to keep scribbling hasty notes for "some day".
Really love the hope at the end of this - and I can SO relate to this. Enjoyed this piece.
Such a vivid account of a typical day. Great job conveying the desire to write, along with the frustrations that accompany life as a mother to young children (I remember those days so well!) Only two typos in first paragraph: several days' (apostrophe goes after the "s"), and got should be get in last sentence. No big deal, and did not distract at all from grabbing my attention and holding it to the end. I can't imagine you staying in beginners' level very long!
Oh you did a wonderful job describing a mother's busy day. It was all quite vivid and I could easily see it playing out.
I can only imagine how a mother would find time to write while taking care of kids, house and all the in between chores. You did a fantastic job in putting the writers life into perspective.
As the grandmother of a 2 1/2 girl, I can identify with the "Kurtisms." Most are adorable and unforgetable. You have accurately described the life of a busy homemaker/writer, who has a challenge with writing time.
Congratulations on placing in the top 8 of your level.