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Very layered and engaging. I loved the play on words -- the physical well and the semantic well, and then as I read, it seemed you made the Samaritan well (the woman). She is dry and cracked (as we all are), but when Jesus comes and speaks, hope rises in her (like water in a well), and He brings living water (to fill her empty well). Excellent. Inspired and literary. Thoroughly enjoyed. I also really enjoyed the fictionalized explication of a "story" from the Bible.
What a beautiful story. I enjoyed this very much. Good job and God bless.
I love when writers seem to bring the Bible to life, and you have done a masterful job. Thank you.
Gorgeous writing that I'd expect in a higher level. Very well done.

My only concern is the on-topic-ness; I understand that you made it into an extended metaphor/allegory for 'editor', but if this ECs, it may not fit in with the intent of the final compilation (all about the writer's life).

Nevertheless--this is superb!
Very well done. You definitely brought the story to life! The Bible is layered in truth and speaks to the soul and spirit of those who will hear. God has spoken through you to our benefit. Be Blessed!
Nicely done. When I read it, I am the woman at the well.

Seems skind of off topic, but then I'm new here, so take that with a grain of salt.
At first, I too thought it skirted the topic, until seeing Jesus who edited her life with forgiveness, and charged her to script a new bginning. both clever and engaging drama based on scripture.
I enjoyed this story very much. You did a great job!
Very creative! You managed to sand down the corners of a square peg and hammer it down a round hole. Great storytelling.