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Yes, writing is good therapy to help us through the good times and bad.
I enjoyed this very much. I loved the title. Not all suffer depression, but that is not fun. It can and does rob us of joy, but with God all things are possible and He does bring us through. Thank you and God bless.
Depression is a very difficult thing to cope with, especially since the majority of the world doesn't consider it an actual medical issue but rather a weakness or some sort of proof that one isn't a very good Christian, both of which are very untrue. I have struggled with depression on and off for about a decade. And your advice is spot on. Work is very important. Work gives us purpose and takes the focus from self to other. When Elijah was depressed, God gave him work to do. Excellent article. If this is a true story, I am proud of you. It couldn't have been easy to write.
I just love it when I am eager to learn more and your story teased it.

The descriptions were so effective, they nearly overwhelmed the message I just wanted to stay there and absorb some more.

The theme, the storys vistas, and well, . . . I wanted more dialogue . . . but, I understand the trade-off, given the word limit.

The title A Season of Black wow!

A wonderful, pleasure packed, informative read.

Bryan R.
I'm glad that you wrote this piece. Each time you read it, you will see so much more between the lines already written-perhaps another story. Thank you!