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You put this so well: impossible to find the smooth working rhythm. Yes, something every writer needs, not to mention the luxury of getting away to the country. You've got me daydreaming! Also, very nice touch having Dad making dinner with his daughter. Put a smile in my heart.

If you haven't already...check out the free writing classes in the forums under "writing". Jan and Ann's lessons are invaluable and have helped me tremendously.

OOPS...forgot to stop the italics after your phrase. (smile)
Ohhh... A cabin in the country sounds like a great place to write. I would have liked a description of it. Don't forget to put commas around the name of the person being spoken to. Nice use of dialogue.
The dream of all writers is escape to a quiet solitary place where they can put their thoughts down without interruption. Very well written. Good job and God bless.
A cottage in the country sounds absolutely heavenly! Sign me up! Haha. Great job of showing the difficulty of balancing family and writing. There are never enough hours in the day, that's for sure. My only critique? Watch your verb tenses. You hopped back and forth between past and present tense a bit, but overall, great job! Keep writing!