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This is great. Really like how you broke down the time as it does speed by and leaves us wondering why we didn't get to those little priorities. This left me smiling and hoping you get some "real" time alone, to write more and share your obvious talent!
*guffaws* I LOVED that ending, and this whole story. You very realistically presented a writer's day, and made it completely interesting into the bargain. Great job!
One day in the life of a writer. Boy, I reckon half of Faithwriters could relate to this. Well done. Definitely on topic.
Very cute. I can completely relate, even though my kids are grown. It's so easy to let the rest of life take over. I think you did a great job.
Well done on your "first" challenge. This highlights the topic so well. I can just hear the little ones calling "mommy, mommy, mommy". Where does time go? It slips away, minute by minute. Great job.
Right on topic, and you did a great job showing all writers the interruptions of life, and how it can stop you from doing what you'd love to do. Great job and keep writing.
Great job on this Ivykat. You showed how quickly a day with little ones can pass by. I loved the Lynn...Lynn...Lynn as the Hubby watched TV. Oh so real!
The use of time stamps really brought this to life. Caught my attention right away. Excellent work.
I'm trying not to laugh. My DIL just got a job and I am babysitting my 3 grandkids. 3 yr old girl and 2 yr old twin boys. This was pretty close to my day plus pinkeye for two... except I get to have evenings to write and my entry is in for the week.
(I am feeling a crimp in my freedom as a writer though.)
I could see each event and I loved your ending. Very creative! I enjoyed this!
Very prophetic, in that you've nailed this week's topic. I love how you've outlined your mc's day of distractions and delays. Very honest.
You've done a great job writing this. Congratulations.
This is such a great entry. I so can picture that many aspiring writer moms have days just like those. I hope you'll start entering more challenges. I really enjoy your work.