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What a profound statement:

"Those who battle the demons of depression and despair turn to ink wells containing the blood of a broken heart."

There was a lot of "meat" in this piece that inspires, encourages, convicts and informs.

Thank you for writing this excellent piece.
What a deep and nurturing article. I was so ministered to by this and loved learning about Spurgeon. Your phrase: ink wells containing the blood of a broken heart, is outstanding!
Excellent! I sense a love for God and His righteousness in your writing.
I enjoyed this more than mere words can say. From broken spirits come some of the most profound pieces of writings that stir mind, body, heart and soul. Thank you for an article that is filled with love. Keep writing and God bless.
Your piece perfectly embodies how difficult a writer's life can seem at times. To be a truly profound writer, one must be sensitive to all emotions, feelings, experiences, and understandings. It is difficult to write with conviction what you have not experienced yourself, and so often the most significant pieces of literature are filled with pain, suffering, depression, and healing. How is the writer able to convey this truly well? By experiencing it himself. Charles Spurgeon is an excellent example, and you did honor to his life, and to the fact that God's grace is sufficient, even for writers!
What a gem you have shared with us all. Others have touched on some of my favorite phrases. I also liked: "Like snow flakes, each writer's life is like no other." Another: "A writer is move to chronicle a message..." Loved the ending: "The impact of his writing transforms lives and brings glory to the Master..." And that is what we all want. Thanks for sharing about one of our beloved preachers.