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Great, great analogy! This was definitely very creative and fun. Loved the little pebbles God kept throwing at Flitter to get her attention. Sounds like someone I know...ME. This made me smile and lol.
This is precious. The fourth paragraph from the bottom reminds me that we must keep a balance in our lives, even when God blesses us with new endeavors. Great job!
I absolutely loved this! The creativity, the descriptions, the moral--fantastic! I, too, loved the image of rocks pelting Flitter in the head. So cute! And you so adeptly described what happens in the life of writers, how we get some good reviews, start taking all the credit, get bummed when people don't revel in our glory, and forget that it is GOD'S glory we're writing for, not our own. Certainly made me stop and think! Great, great job! Loved it!
I loved the story of Flitter. You did an exceptional job in staying on point. If only we all turned to God and prayed without ceasing what a beautiful place this would be. Good job.
Great analogy! I must pay attention 'real good' whenever God speaks to me...and do it straight away, by His enabling. God always equips a faithful servant. Thanks for your writing, dear fellow writer.
WOW---This was not only fun to read, but something we all need to be reminded of! Even as we look for the little yellow boxes every week--to whose glory? Great job!
Absolutely so sweet and a real delight! Stupendous job!
Congratulations on your First Place. It was a wonderful story with a very good lesson.
Beautiful. Everyone at work is wondering why there are tears in my eyes. Beautiful.
Very deep messages woven together with grace and beauty. Well done.
I knew this would be a winner. Grat job!
Loved the story! I was a little tripped up by the MC's name, but once she became a butterfly I became attached to her name. I loved the story from beginning to end, and really God's gentle reminder that her skills were for His glory, not hers. Congrats on a well deserved 1st place!
Easy to see why your piece is an award winner. You set a very high standard for the rest of us. Great job!
Nancy K. Sullivan