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Well, Hello Always Hopeful.
Love your title, your heart and your perseverance! I was with you on every phone call while you were dealing with being pulled in several directions. Good job making the reader "feel" your emotions.

If you double space between paragraphs and's easier on the eyes :)

Also, want to encourage you to take advantage of the free writing classes in the forums under "Writing". I'm utilizing them and with a heart for writing such as your....they'll allow you to soar in your writing skills.
You certainly captured the distractions in life that have kept me from writing as much as I wanted. It made me wish I had been as determined as you while I was working full time.
Great dialogue. Very conversational and realistic. I agree with the earlier comment about spacing, which will make the dialogue easier to read, but other than that, I thought it great. Well done!
This was such and enjoyable read. I loved the title and the contents of the story was right on. Take advice offered and your next article will be superb.
I'm encouraged by your hopeful attitude, never giving up. Keep writing and learning, fellow writer. God is faithful!
Determination is half the work. Keep the dream alive!