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Wow and awesome! This is so uniquely descriptive. I was in awe at so many of your phrases which spoke deeply to me. Great Poem!
What a meaningful, deep life such as this writer has. May the authour of this creative poem be blessed with more stories and experiences to tell... and write. Keep writing for God's honour. Be of good cheer, this is my personal encouragement.
Great images. I have often thought of the mind as a prison of sorts, words trying (often unsuccessfully) to break free. I enjoyed how your words and thoughts became characters in and of themselves. Very creative.
WOW! Fantastic. I loved this more than mere words can say. Great job and the descriptive words used were magnificent. Keep writing.
Very nice. I loved the analagy. Keep writing.
Nice concept and execution.
Delightful. I enjoyed the prison feel. My words stay in prison always unless and until some of them accidently escape. You have, at the least, described this writer.
Very well crafted. Great job.
Really cool concept...I enjoyed the atmosphere you created. Thanks for sharing this!
This is how poetry should read - full of rich language and imagery. I enjoyed your entry immensely. Even learned a new word - noisome. Cheers
Wonderful! Great rhyme and rhythm. Extremely well done.
This is very well written. I really enjoyed the the meter and all the imagery you invoked. Thank you very much. Keep writing.
I loved the theme and imagery used here. This poem was a pleasure to read. The letter and word combinations made a comforting tempo, and I rolled happily through the entire piece.
This is very original and well done.
So very deserving of this win! Beautiful descriptive words that really capture the essence. I especially loved your last verse.
Wow! Thanks for throwing light on our inner journey with such clarity and candour. Congratulations on your placing - it's well-deserved.
Hi Maria,
Thanks for stopping by in my entry about God's double vision. I see from your website that you have been a counsellor for some time, so I guess you also sense those extra dimensions of possibilities for clients before they do - without putting on your Sherlock Holmes outfit and turning into a doctrinal detective (or should that be doctrinal defective???)
God bless you as your writing ministry develops.

Noel Mitaxa
Thanks for putting the thoughts and emotions of so many into words. Great poetry! Nancy K. Sullivan