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Wish I had a grandma like you :)
Dead on and absolutely correct...our priorities need to be in order. God, family and others in need, should come first.

I so felt your struggle with getting your writing done and being pulled in another direction, so good job conveying what we all struggle with.

Your heart for writing, shines through this so want to encourage you to stop by the free writing courses in the forums under "Writing". The invaluable lessons will propel your writing career.
What a common struggle among writers! I'm sure we've all been there, hands hovering over the keyboard, words dancing just outside of our reach, we're almost there, and then...reality beckons. Haha. Very relatable.
I loved this. Sounds like so many people I know. Setting our priorities and leaning on Christ to help us achieve the impossible is beyond my understanding, but if I rely on Him I can do more than I've ever imagined. Great job and right on point.
I can relate to what you shared. Yesterday, my son came to me while I was writing and asked me to come throw a baseball with him. I will only have that opportunity for a few precious years. The great thing about your piece is it teaches me that I can look forward to playing with the grandkids too! It is great to feel wanted!
Priorities are hard for all to balance. Pastors and their families have stories to tell....single students, etc, etc. You are so right! Writers are pulled between good and best.
Don't we all need our grandmas... I appreciate your honesty over how to juggle your timing, your priorities and your perspective. Well done.
As everyone else has said, you made a good point that I can take to heart. But I'd like to add that you repeated your points several times. I think it would have been stronger if you had trusted your reader to get it the first time.

Your dialogue is good and I can just picture you talking to your granddaughter.
That inner struggle, I've been there many times. I enjoyed reading your "take on the grandma dilemma" and the topic. :) Nice work!
A Grandma with the right idea!

I echo the recommendation to check out the free writer's areas on the site - especially Ann's and Jan's posts in the forums. Watch out for changing tense.

Keep writing. You did a nice job here.