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Interesting take on the subject.
Yes, and amen
His Word needs no correction.
Absolutely, right on! I love how you addressed the various groups of mankind in relation to God's Word. I think about the versus you quoted, almost on a daily basis as I interact with these diverse groups and am so glad to see you address it, head on. Your sixth paragraph brought to mind, the scripture about the lukewarm in Rev 3:16. This article was so well written that it will touch anybody and everybody who reads it. Great Job in my opinion.

Excellent entry. Well thought out, scripturally backed up and unique approach to the topic.
You did an outstanding job with this article. Using scripture to bring points home was masterful. I loved this more than I can put into words.
O, bless you richly for writing this! You took the words right out of my heart. You've echoed deep longings of a disciple's heart and soul for our Saviour Jesus. Thank you for your 'voice in the wilderness.' God bless His holy Name!Amen.
I loved your take on this topic, God as the ultimate critic, boldly declaring, "No changes necessary!" when it comes to His perfect Word. Loved it. I also loved your descriptions of people-groups and the wealth of scripture. Reminded me of the parable of the seeds.