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I'm glad Mrs. Hamilton didn't yell at Tommy for a childish moment in his young life. Because of her kind words and a choice to look the other direction, good came out of it.

What a inspiring reminder--and I'm glad to see a positive portrayal of an english teacher! Great job
Another great story with a happy ending...makes me a happy camper :)...This was so inspirational!

As a newbie around here, want to encourage you to check out Jan and Ann's free writing classes in the forums under, what else..."Writing". They have given me a wealth of information for advancing my writing skills. A must for all new writers. :)
What a good reminder for all of us to encourage others. One never knows what a kind word will accomplish. Thanks for writing this.
Thank you for a very interesting article and how teachers can help or hurt a child by their actions.
What a touching story! A teacher can make such a difference in a childs life!

A few writing suggestions If you hit Enter twice between your paragraphs, the stories are easier to read. Affect should be effect. Most of the time, affect is the verb and effect is the noun. So, when you affect something, you bring about an effect. You might already know that and just put the wrong word by mistake; Ive been known to do that! Also, just a suggestion, but watch for unnecessary words or repetitive words. When you say that Austin and Tommy had been passing a paper back and forth, you dont need to say to each other. Thats implied by the fact theyre passing it back and forth. Again, the doodle hed drawn of her wasnt flattering would be just fine and to her is basically unnecessary. And when Tommy gathers his things, together is somewhat redundant. Someone remarked on repetitive words in my writing some time ago; its really helped me improve, so I figured Id pass it along. Overall, I loved this story. So touching!
I like this - what an excellent teacher! This well written story really highlights the enormous value of encouragement and care in how we 'mould' and teach the young. Well done.