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You a teacher too? Or just a loving parent? I know how it feels - all those tiny little kiddies... all filled with hope.... sigh...
This piece was written with much affection. Try to avoid using "you" in essays of this type. If you are a parent of teens, they are lucky to have you!
you captured the drama of every day life. I wasn't sure, however, if you wrote this piece from the vantage point of a school bus driver, or of a parent.
When I read this the first time last week, I didn't get who you were talking about until abit further down, but when I did, I thought what a great description of them!
Great suspense at the beginning. Who can these people be? And who is the watcher? Then oh! School kids. Delightful little tale.
You are a keen observer and it shows in your writing. I could feel the autumn chill as I read this charming piece.
Very nice take on the topic -well done!