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Wow...very engaging with unexpected turns and a great message. Very well written in my book!
Not sure how on topic this story is (but I'm a newbie here) but found it interesting and would like to read more.
What a sweet and engaging story.
Very touching story, but I agree with a previous comment about the piece not fitting the topic.
Soldiering is dangerous work -got an email from a friend only yesterday informing me of her son just having been shot in Afganistan - fortunately not fatal. Thanks for reminding us in this very well written account.
Your piece is not off topic when you condsider that Melody would hear Jeff's opinion of her letter in the news reports of his rescue. It would not work to add a sentence that says, "Melody heard what Jeff said about her letter and knew it was the highest praise her writing could possibly receive from any editor." It is understood from the story. We would never imagine someone returning a personal letter with red ink, but we still hope that the message is well written and effective, as Melody's letter to Jeff obviously was.
This was a very gripping story and well written. I wasn't sure about it being on topic until Timothy made his comment and I think he is right on.
You put the reader right in the middle of the action. Nice work on this story!
Very engaging story, and I'm glad its ending was uplifting and positive. The piece does have a few punctuation problems, but it is a well-written and dramatic story.
Wow! Gripping action! You had my heart racing.