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So like this. Very creative and very cute! Your dialogue was excellent in this newbies eyes!
Ah, Caleb! So hard to find one's true voice and the advice to "listen to your heart" doesn't always make sense for the younger ones. I loved this little snippet of reality--and the talking bugs were cute!
You really caught me by surprise when you introduced the insects. There was I, feeling so sorry for Caleb as he was going through a tough time and then, POW!
A beetle spoke!
Very creative piece. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.
You may be a newbie but not for long. This was so well written and I loved the twist. Talking bugs. Loved this so much.
Enjoyed reading your little guys and their voices!
I had a lot of fun reading this piece. You may Caleb very easy to identify with, and the talking bugs were great. :)
Joanna, I think youngsters would love this story. I can just see the illustrations that would go along with it. Creative, well done.
This was very creative, everyone critiquing Caleb not only as a writer but also a person. Bringing the tiny creatures into the story was a great way for Caleb to find his voice! Well done, I enjoyed this entry very much.
This was so cute! You had me laughing out loud, picturing these tiny little bugs going about their lives. So creative. Great work. Look forward to seeing you advance through the levels. I'm sure you will!