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You nailed the core of what needs to be at the center of every Christian writers heart. Perseverance...which when traveled through in suffering, produces patience and hope. (Romans 5)

Overcome what every writer feels, and remember that with practice, more practice and Jan and Ann's freebie classes, :)---we all learn to write well, what we are feeling. Hang in there.

As a beginner writer, I also find that sometimes what I meant to say, didn't come out that way at all! And I have found that getting other's input has strengthened my writing beyond what I could have done on my own. I found your words very true and I enjoyed your straight-forward, honest way of showing how God's correction has enriched your life.
I appreciate your thoughts on the rightness of God's judgments of us and for us.

"The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes." From Psalm 19.

Be encouraged, fellow writer!
You did a wonderful job and listening to others who have been where you are gives us strength and helps us become better writers. Sometimes my mind sees what it wants to say but I don't always seem to get it down on paper.
I love this: " I often find out that the idea that I was trying to convey, never left my mind to find its way into my written words."

This happens to me often!
Very well said. Isn't it true, we argue with what we KNOW God is telling us? I enjoyed your article very much :)
You certainly conveyed your thoughts in this one! Good job! I could fully relate! I wrote a story once. I thought it was brilliant, but no one in my creative writing class understood it. I was heartbroken, but I took solice in the fact that God still loved it, even when others didn't, and I used the experience to learn a few things. Keep writing. If it's in you to be a writer, that makes you a writer, and you should never give up.
Well said, Ernie. I bet if the truth were told, we all struggle with this very same thing. It's not easy to convey by pen what lies heavy on the heart.
Keep writing, Ernie. God will help you get His message across. He created unique individuals, and the special qualities that are you need to come through.