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This was refreshing! Enjoyed the devotional witnessing of encouragement in this and your poem at the end. Heartfelt and true.
Very reflective piece of writing about life. God knows the beginning and the end. Thus, He helps us through the walks of life to the end, if we remain faithful to Him through our Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless you as He unfolds many exciting chapters of your life, with all trials and joys.

Let us serve Him with fear, rejoicing with trembling. (Psalm 2:11)
Keep writing for His honour.
I enjoyed the encouragement I found in your well written piece. My favorite paragraph: "Life will come to a standstill as God carves out pieces of time where you and I need to attend to our souls. It is in these silent places of solitude that we began to read the themes that God has written into your story and mine." --so very true and well-said.
Nice thoughts. Which of us cannot now look back at a dark passage in our lives and see how God was there all along caring for us.
What a beautiful reflection. We serve an awesome God who molds us into what He wants us to be and our story is unique, one of a kind and wonderful. Well written.
I think this would make a great devotional
This is beautifully written.

It might skirt the topic a bit; nevertheless, it was a lovely read and I'm glad I stopped by to read it!
Thanks for sharing your insights on this Psalm! Good devotional!
I enjoyed this entry a lot. I know I often become entrapped in life's circumstances. Isn't it great to know that God is always with us?

You did use the word "life" a bunch of times in the first two paragraphs. Sometimes it's good to change words now and then and look for different ways of saying them.

Thanks for a great entry. It's great how God is using your writing to bless other people. :)
I like the theme of God being the Author of life throughout this piece. All of the writing rather poetically refers back to our "stories" being written and directed by God. How glad we can be that He is in charge and life is not just a series of random events! Very well-worded. Love it! :)
Loved this devotional. His fingerprints on our experiences, as you put it, indeed speak of God's very own reviewing of our lives - well done!
Thank you very much for your
reflection and thoughts. It was very uplifting.
I never thought about it before Maria........but we really do have to look at our lives make the sense God has in mind for us to make of it. Thanks for the beautifully written insights.