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It is true, some critiques are harsh and I too find those critiques stiff, unfeeling and unwarranted.

However...Done with love, it is a nurturing tool to keep us on a path of success and for me, am convicted to help and not turn the other way in comfort (playing it safe)and allow any to flounder.

Harsh criticism hurts and we've all been there, so please don't throw in the towel, as you did an EXCELLENT job conveying your heart and the heart of so many others!
Ah, what a lovely transparent piece! One main reason I love Faithwriters is because of the wonderful support and encouragement from other writers--presented in a way that doesn't make me wish I could melt into the floor. A great reminder to encourage new writers--good job!
I agree with you to a point. If a piece has been written purely to pour out one's heart, then critique
I agree with you to a point. If a piece has been written purely to pour out one's heart, then critique is unnecessary. To critique such a piece of writing, would be like critiquing a friend's story as she sat to tell me of her day or of something she's going through.

However, if one is writing for publishing purposes, then the critique process has a place, even a necessary place. Grammar, spelling, even ideas often need tweaking, and sometimes a second pair of eyes can help us see what needs tweaked, just as its easier to hang a picture with someone standing by to tell us whether or not it's straight. Don't throw out the critique. Just learn when to use it.
I admire your courage in opening up your heart to us. But before you did, the Lord knew all about it. And He is faithful to set you in the hallow of his hand as He helps you minister through your writing for His honour.
Be encouraged, fellow writer.
Your original question was, "who has a right to critique?" I think the answer is found in your piece. A critique is itself a piece of literature, so treat it the same way you want your work treated. Look for the heart of the person behind the critique, and know that they would not have bothered to write it for you if tey did not care for you and your work. Thanks for challenging us all with this piece.
Your writing made me think of this quote from Salinger:

“An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else's.” J D Salinger (American Novelist and short story Writer)

More food for thought!
Short, direct and to the point. You my friend have written what many of us feel but lack words to express it. You did a fantastic job in doing just that, but sometimes a little critique given in love helps us grow beyond our wildest imaginations. Never be discouraged and never permit anyong steal your dreams. God gave each of us a dream. Pursue it and give God the glory.