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What a wonderful reminder to every Christian writer, that we write for the glory of God.
It is so easy to get caught up in the desire to be Published that we can be tempted to compromise the message. Bravo!!
Excellent lesson!

A few suggestions--take a look at your first paragraph, especially at the first words of each sentence. Can you find a way to add more variety?

That first paragraph could be divided into several smaller ones--and in the dialog in the second half, a blank space between each person's dialog would work better.

I love that your author followed God's promptings--I'll bet she has another book in her!
Wonderful message!
You did a good job portraying the temptation to compromise the message that we portray. The pressure to conform comes from many angles, sometimes the publisher, sometimes the market demands, and even sometimes from the education system. I felt sorry for the MC that she had spent so long working on the first novel but was happy that she did not give up but started a new novel immediately. In addition to the paragraphs, I would also change the words "was awakened" to "woke". Good job portraying the inward struggle of your MC.
I loved how you shared your heart. All have wasted years according to our standards but are they wasted in God's sight? I think they are learning years. Thank you for sharing your heart. Keep writing and God bless.
Very emotional story. Standing up for our convictions is not the easy way, always the way of faith and obedience.
Very emotional read - and a powerful message to all of us. I'm glad she stayed true to her beliefs.
Our Father says that all things work to our good. I think this even means what we might think is wasted time.

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite books, say's, "No matter how far down the path we may go, we come to see how our experience can benefit others."

Great story! I'll read the book, if it becomes one.
This is wonderful and so deserved the 'Highly Commended' it was awarded. You described Maria's anguish so well - and the victory over temptation. A really challenging lesson too. Excellent.