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I can imagine this as a movie!

I would have liked to know how Fred came upon the MS--and I found it really unlikely that ancient Hebrew wouldn't be recognized by professors at a university that specialized in ancient languages. Unless--was this supposed to be far in the future? Maybe more context is needed...

There's a lot of mystery and intrigue here; think about expanding it!
This was intriguing for me too and would like to see it continue.
Whoa what a story. I agree with Jan pertaining to professors not being able to translate ancient languages, but with todays outlook on certain things, such as Biblical finds to some mortal man they are foolishness. Keep writing and God bless.
I love surprise endings. And I never figured out where you where going until the very end.

I also think that most people who studies an ancient language would study any language but Hebrew. I mean, if you do not believe in God, why study Hebrew.

Maybe he and the little man could be friends, and the little man could spark an interest in God in the man who found the manuscript.