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Love the premise of this - wish you'd had more words, so I could hear more details!

Some of your spelling and grammatical errors were a bit distracting. If you can, try to give your story a good proofread (or ask someone else to do it!) before submitting.

Thanks for writing!
I definitely wanted more of this!

Perhaps more indications about the content of the scroll, and what implications it has for modern Christianity--a bit of conflict of controversy would seem natural for such an astounding find.

That would certainly be exciting!
Yep, me too, definitely wanted this to continue and is very original. Suggestion...since you have obvious talent to draw in the reader, perhaps an ending with more closure would have knitted this to perfection :)
You did an outstanding job. I loved this and commenting about any errors I'm not that good so I don't, but you did a superb job and I wanted more.
I would love to hear one of Paul's sermons, it's exciting--just thinking about such a find. The grammar I did trip over a couple of times, I usually take a minute to read over my writing before submittal--usually out loud as I sometimes I skip words when reading silently. This was a fun read.
At first, I did not make the connection until I contiued to read. I loved the dialogue in this. It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing made me want to read more.