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This is just beautiful. Your language is poetry in prose, and the story was so incredibly compelling.
This is absolutely beautifully written, very compelling. I didn't want it to end.

My teensiest critique: I thought the tie-in to "manuscript" was a bit iffy, perhaps slightly contrived.

The story iteslf could easily be a full-length novel. Loved it.
Boy, this sparked my appetite for a truly wonderful romance. Didn't want it to end, had too many questions I wanted answered :) Very good job!
What a story. I was mezmerized. I wanted more. This could become a novel. Keep writing.
Lovely, simply lovely! Very well written, but a little more emphasis regarding the subject for the week should have been included. Nicely done!
I admit I wanted to cry when she died. I think "servant hood" is one word, "servanthood". Your story was well written. (I'm still not sure how you told an entire life's story in 750 words, but you did--good job).
I can only say Wow! This reads like a combination character sketch/outline for a really good novel. I loved the sentence that included "where she ground dull needles into dark skin and shooed chickens off the hospital beds." The sentence that included "those were the days..." now that's great writing. It seemed to contain a lot of long sentences, but they "worked." Suggestion, shorten the sentence, "In their city of a million this seemed like an act of God (rather than and then continueing the sentence, end the sentence and start another..act of God. Their pastor later cancelled them to marry in spite of her questions about his past. Well talk about long sentence huh? Can't wait for the novel. Great writing. I truly enjoyed it.
Beautiful story of Faith and Jacques. God's lordship and providence in these two 'soul mates' and lives showed from beginning to end. Reads like a potential book-form novel. Well done.
I agree with Jan the point between the baby and the manuscript was not easily found. However, I loved the idea used of the baby it made it feel real and at home. Thanks.