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Yeh! I, for one, are glad you went for it (submitting manuscript)! Good use of suspense...I was wondering, will the MC open the candle? Interesting twist--the warnings once the pretty package was opened.
Very nicely written, with great images that appeal to the senses.

I didn't really understand the connection between the candle and the manuscript, and thought that maybe the manuscript didn't get enough "play" as the topic of this week.

Nevertheless, your writing skills are very evident, and this was certainly a pleasure to read.
Unique, charming...excellent!
Fantastic. You held my attention from beginning to end. The suspense was wonderful pertaining to the candle and you meshed it all together in a unique way.
Good story line, but I think I would have liked to hear more about the significance of the manuscript verses the candle. Well done!
I loved the suspenseful discription leading up to the mailing of the manuscript. It read like a good mystery. The first time I read through this I was wondering why so much detail about the candle. Upon the second reading I invisioned a sort of ritual celebration in finally sending the manuscript out. I felt like I wanted to know more about the "making" of the manual, how long it had taken, what sacrifices were involved, etc.
Good job!
Good on ya, fellow writer! Keep the flame burning in your heart in the gift of writing God gave you. As you write consistently, you will see the glow in your style as you improve, as you become a better writer. Be encouraged. Good job. God bless you in your writing for His honour.
I liked the content but got lost with the candlestick. I did not get the connection at all. Otherwise, I like it! Just keep writing! Never give up!