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Beautiful! I love the imagery.
I tried to pick my favorite part of this piece, and found that difficult--I liked so much of it. I enjoyed the uniqueness of seeing the name in the palm, and I liked the swirl of colors in the writing. I believe my favorite part is the clasp to hold the book. It felt like I was looking over the scribe's other shoulder--Good job!
Beautifully written. Well done. I enjoyed this immensely. Keep writing. God bless.
Absolutely beautiful!
A genuine work of art!
Beautiful, tender, and very touching piece! I loved this. Your writing is smooth, and pleasing. My favorite paragraphs are, the one beginning, "The vellum pages..." (the sound combinations in this paragaph were as smooth as milk and honey), and the one beginning, "In the quietness of the moment..."

If you twisted my arm behind my back and asked me to find one thing to change, I would change "transcribe" to another word, in the part that reads, "the scribe transcribes."

But even this is nit-picking, and I think this piece was very well written, and beautifully presented.
This is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. You have presented this with much feeling and obvious writing ability. Beautiful!
Beuiful story, beuifully written
Wow! I read this one threw twice. It really blesses my soul. I love the last line. So beautifully written. Thank you.
Ditto on the beautiful!
See earlier comments -- I can't improve on what's already there. I'll just add that I also love this portion of Scripture which you have brought to life here. Thank you.
You've penned beautiful images. I find your thoughts comforting, "I've watched you grow from conception to death; all the stages of your life are spread before me." Your writing is so creative for the topic. Thanks!
Very nice. An encouraging portion of Scripture for sure, and your words bring it to light.
Wonderful description. A great invitation.
Wonderfully creative and inspired. This seems to come from the writer's very soul. Beautifully presented.
Just beautiful. Great imagery, and like others, this is absolutely a favorite scripture.
I think this was just splended! All of it! I wouldn't take away any part of it! Wow!