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Engrossing and compelling. I pray he makes it home. You have to finish this story.
I could smell the salty air and see the seagull with ease. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Very well done! The seagull added to the reality of the humor and distraction.
I've come back to read this a few times. Love it!
This is great! You really captured the ambiance and added humor. This story, in my opinion, should place high!
Love it!
Excellent! The antics of the bird added so much interest to this story. I half expected the Captain to take it home to his daughter instead of a parrot. :) Your writing skills are top-notch, and I don't expect I'll see you in Beginners much longer.
Very good article. I enjoyed reading it.

I have one minor suggestion. I thought the names Sal and Sally were too much alike. It distracted me for a minute, but it certainly didn't ruin the story. I loved the sailor's message in his letter. Very touching.

Big thumbs up.
Engaging and very well written. I was wrapped up in the atmosphere of that ship and loved the addition of the friendly feathered seagull. I too, would like to see this continue and know he made it home.:)
That bird really bumped this story up from very good to top notch! What a wonderful little detail--that's the sort of thing that marks a very "crafty" writer!
This is very well written, with a lot of wonderful details that add depth and reality. I enjoyed this, and would love to learn more about what happened to this character! Well done.
You have wonderful detail in this entry. I loved the development (and different versions) of the letter! Very nice!
Congratulations on the 2nd place ribbon. Delightful, I say.
Joanna, super congrats on your ribbon!!
Congrats on the second place ribbon!
Excellently written and so realistic. Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Keep throwing bricks.