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You have a knack for rhythm and prose, and your sentences flowed smoothly. My favorite sentence was the last one in paragraph one, and I loved the last paragraph.

However, I had trouble following the logic in the order presented, and the essay did not seem to follow: intro, followed by A, followed by B, etc, then conclusion. Instead, it seemed like a lot of (excellent and well-phrased) thoughts, which didn't necessarily tie together.

There's so much great writing in here, it could have been broken into three separate essays: the elements of the craft of writing; how writing grows from childhood; and literature which leads to the craft of writing.

I enjoyed many of the same books you mentioned. Your love of reading and writing is definitely evident. You have a couple of punctuation errors,but they can be fixed easily. Keep writing and never give up on your dreams.
Yes, it's facinating to watch a child develop his skills of reading and writing. What an accomplishment when he can read God's Word!
I'd love for you to take the events of the 3rd paragraph and write those out in story form. Would love to get to know "you" as a 3rd grader, and that teacher who make you feel so valued.
*made*, not *make*! My fault, sorry!