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Wow. I hope that your "works" are released from their "quiet solitude.. unread and imprisoned without any opportunity to take on any life of their own or join the chorus of other literary works in any domain." There is life in your words, a story waiting to be read. Be encouraged, keep submitting them and setting them free.
This really tugged at my heart-strings. I also have a difficult time hitting the submit button. Our babies , they are and we want to protect them. I'm sure many will relate to your MC.
Most people don't understand why I write either. We just need to write and pray that the words will be used for Him.
I beleive that many of our fellow writers will readily relate to your heart felt words.
Just my opinion, but i think that maybe too mant writers are looking for recognition from others, rather than from God!
Thank you for a real nugget of truth.
Good Job.
Well done!

I wish you'd given your characters names; even if this is autobiographical, you could still give them made-up names. And I'm concerned about some of the marriage issues portrayed here.

Your writing is excellent in this moody little piece. I wanted to read much, much more.
I meant to say--I read several meanings into your title. Excellent!
Congratulations on placing 3rd. This will tie in nicely to this coming topic-The Critique!