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Wow! What a mouthful! I love words and languages. This is a bit of an acrobatic tumble for my mind. It wouldn't hurt to tone down the use of the thesaurus a little. Keep learning new vocabulary and find just the places they fit give your writing a punch.
I love your humor in the last line. It gave me a nice smile.

A small suggestion- you might want to take out some of your bigger words. Even though I enjoyed them immensely, if you were ever to submit this as a devotion somewhere you might want to use words that are at an 8th grade reading level or so.

I believe this could make a wonderful devotion or a nice blurb in a Church newsletter. You did a great job. I love words and learning too and yours were inspiring.
Enjoyed your informative approach and definitely is a thought provoking read. Did agree though about perhaps using a few less "big" words. :)
Your last sentence made me smile. Yes, you made your point well!

What if you'd moved up that last sentence to somewhere more middle-ish, and then went on with the devotional in a more relaxed voice?