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Wonderful imagination, great pace, excellent descriptions and definitely on topic!

This is a touching story. I can see it resonating with our younger readers.
What a wise teacher, to encourage the young writer to dream and to grow!
Great description of a young aspiring writer.
Some of your young writer's fantasy, reminded me of the book,"Eragon."
Enjoyed the ending. Good work!
Lovely tale.
I did note a few spelling errors. Maybe if you told us the name of the girl and describe to us how she saw her world, this would really come to life.

Bless teachers who encourage little ones!!!
As one who, at times as a child, got caught up in the 'imaginary world' of reading, I can relate to this little girl's meandering path to school (my brother's loved to tease:-). My favorite sentence is "Summoning up the courage that lay within the heart of the dragon rider, she began to read." I was grateful that her teacher saw and encouraged the gifting she saw in her student.
Thank you, God, for teachers who inspire and encourage! This is a delightful story. Your comma use could use some work - check out Ann's class on the FW forums; she has some great information there. Jan also has a class that moves beyond the basics. I'd love to see what you can write after a little work on the basics. If this story is any indication, you are going to go far. I love the ending, and the young girl's attitude. :)
This is lovely!

A few things that deserve second thoughts: the title really gives away your ending, and I don't know if you need the little lesson at the end. Trust your writing to get your point across, and don't feel as if you have to hammer it home to your readers.

I love the seamless way you brought us in and out of the young girl's fantasy.
I can relate to this very well (as I'm sure many other writers can). I other existed in my own little world as a child... and I was fortunate to have a teacher that encouraged my writing. Thanks for this beautiful story!
The gift of encouragement is worth passing on. And you have. Good writing.
This is a cute story! Just like a little kid to be lost in their own imagination and see castles rather than plain, boring buildings. :)

I think in the beginning "shone" might work better than "shined." But I'm not entirely sure that "shined" is not proper English in this sense. Maybe it's just me.

You have a gift, Dragon Writer. ;) Keep right on using it for the Master!
This abounds with creativity, unfolds nicely, and is a very enjoyable read.
Every good, and nicely put together.
Congratulations in placing in the top 10 in your level.