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Good message. I must say I enjoyed your writing more than the Strongs concordance. I wonder if the article would suffer if Strongs were left out?
I feel like a real idiot here, but can someone tell my what this Strong's thing refers to? I feel like this part that I'm missing will really pull the piece together for me. Sorry, I can't comment on it until I understand it!
Topic word for this challenge was 'Bon Voyage'
First, I like how you tie the beginning and the end together: Praise Him and be happy in Him. Wonderful reminder! I would suggest clearing up the Strong's concordance references. kudos that you went to Strong's for researching, but it comes across as mish-mash and difficult to understand. I had to re-read that part 2-3 times to understand what you were trying to say. You could probably have left that part out, or paraphrase it differently. Nice effort!!
I forgot to mention that I don't see the connection to the challenge topic of Bon Voyage.