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What a truth. I have a similar experince when I share my writing with my wife. You know the old cliche' "It takes one to know one."
Thank God for FW.
A unique smorgasboard.
I enjoyed this very much.
I really like your story. It a lovely, light read.
Oh I enjoyed this. What a fantastic comparisson (metaphor?), and so very true.

My favorite sentence was "When I write, my husband treats my scripts like vegetables." This made me laugh, and from this moment on, I inhaled the rest of this delightful dish.

I found this very relatable, as I'm afraid I've crammed far too many green vegetable-like writings down the throats of my husband and close friends.

The trick, I suppose, is to create a nutritious piece, which looks incredibly appetizing.

My only comments are these: I would remove the second sentence, the repeated question. And, this is only my personal preference, but I would transpose the following sentence: 'I never thought about it until now, but it's really quite simple.

I very much enjoyed this piece!
Great comparison! FW gives me the chance to eat beets and liver, which I can't make at home. :)
This is so true. I loved how you compared the two. I believe if you could find an appropriate substitute (one that everyone could relate to ) for faithwriters-for example church -it would make a wonderful devotion. Just add a scripture verse and prayer and you would have a devotion that many people could relate to. Good job.
This was adorable, unique and SO TRUE. You gave me some great chuckles but especially lol with your husbands idea of fruit being a banana split!
Your title is a riot (made me smile). :) I had to smile, also, at your dear husband's idea of what a meal should consist of ... I enjoyed this!
Very easy to read, conversational style, fun and fresh, with a sprinkling of good truth thrown in for good measure. Enjoyed this!
"It doesnt matter what I write, because invariably someone will like the story, and another reader will not be impressed."

Loved this line! SO TRUE!
His idea of eating fruit is to have a banana split. Haha

Ohh, Thanks for sharing! I truly hope you find many opportunities to share with those who like the same as you the reading/writing world. :)

Keep writing!